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How A Personal Coach Can Help With Fitness And Nutrition.

Personal coaches or trainers are individuals who apply some fundamental science principles in exercises so as to design appropriate fitness programs to assist their clients in meeting the fitness and health goals in both private and public settings. Personal coaches educate clients on how to properly attain their personal nutrition and fitness goals and are therefore responsible for utilizing as well as promoting safe exercise and diet prescriptions. They are required to keep up to date with all the current practices and standards by completing some periodic as well as continuing requirements of education.

Duties of a personal coach in fitness and nutrition

There are several things that are expected from a fitness trainer. The following are ways by which people can reach their fitness goals and learn more with a fitness coach:


Fitness trainers usually screen potential clients in a bid to determine if it is possible to physically train them. Personal trainers will identify any health risk factors e.g. obesity and diabetes. Trainers normally collect information about potential clients’ chronic illnesses, personal medical history, current medications and any bio-mechanical problems they might have. A good personal coach will usually go the extra mile to obtain clearance from the physician of the client in the event that the client is on blood glucose, blood pressure or cardiac medications. Screening is to help the fitness trainer formulate the right exercises to help a client achieve their fitness and health goals.


A personal coach such as the ones at sacfitnesstrainer, will structure exercise regimens depending on the fitness level of the client and according to fitness and health goals such as muscular or endurance strength weight loss or even lean muscle gain. They do this issuing well informed instructions about resistance movements of a specific kind and the number of repetitions and sets that the client should perform on any given exercise session. A fitness trainer tends to demonstrate the right techniques for completing all kinds of exercise movements and thereafter evaluate progress. They will schedule adequate recovery time between workouts depending on the intensity of a workout session. This way an individual’s body will greatly benefit from the exercise.

Dietary recommendation

Fitness trainers also provide clients with appropriate dietary advice. They achieve this by recommending foods that provide an individual with nutrients to assist their body recover from intense exercise or to meet their individual fitness goals. They also provide clients with good literature on good dietary practices. A personal trainer will deeply explain how their client’s daily activity dictates their dietary caloric needs. They usually go the extra mile by providing clients with tables and charts to assist the make both meal and meal timing decisions that are well informed. Personal coaches recommend appropriate dietary supplements to help them meet fitness and health goals. For instance, protein shakes to gain lean muscle or vitamins to recover from exercise.

The above insightful information is a guide as to how people can reach their fitness goals and learn more with the help of a fitness coach. Hire the services of one today to help you in the important fitness and nutrition journey.

Getting in proper nutrients

Nutrition sometimes can be very confusing to someone who has no experience in this field.

I just want to go over this topic breifly to better inform everyone who have little to no knowledge in this field. My background in nutrition comes from a bachelors in nutrition.

Nutrition to me is all about getting the proper amount of nutrients you need for YOUR body. Not anyone else but YOURS. Your weight, age, sex, activity level, work situation, environment all play a role in determining what kinds of nutrients your body should be getting. An example would be a 25 year old bodybuilder is going to need entirely different nutrients than someone of the same age who is living a sedentary life. The bodybuilder is constantly stressing their muscles so they need to consume more protein so that their muscles can keep up.